5 signs to pick the right vendor for Weddings

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As they say: Wedding isn't just a companionship between two persons; it is a special bond that unites two families through the love and trust. Although, the wedding itself is a single day affair but the memories are for the lifetime and hence, one leave no stone unturned to make it unique, taking every step carefully and making every arrangement perfectly. Flowers depict the sense of freshness and the flower decoration in a wedding is a serious matter. Fun…. But, serious.

A Google search of "Wedding Flower Decorators in Delhi" will show you thousands of results which is supposed to be helpful but it's not. Hence, finding the right person to do this job can be a real challenge, especially in a city like Delhi. Therefore, we have created a little guide for you on how to find the right vendor in Delhi.

Here are the 5 signs that you are looking at one of the best Wedding flower decorators in Delhi:

  1. Experience Matters: With new vendors popping up in the market has created an over saturation of service providers. Now, we are not saying that newbies are not any good but sometimes experience matters. So, when you are to pick among various flowers decorators in Delhi, go for the ones with better and long experience in this business. Even if you do for someone new to the business, make sure they have good references.
  1. Uniqueness: The problem with too much experience is that it can make one “outdated” and lazy to catch up with the new trends. That’s the problem with many flower decorators in Delhi. Although many of them are experienced but they are not bringing anything new to the table. So, ask them if they bring something unique to your wedding decorations to make it YOUR special night rather than “borrowing” it from someone else from 50 years.
  1. Budget Sense: Wedding flower decorations in Delhi is a booming business and hence, it tends to make the vendors quote ridiculous prices for the decoration services. Now, this is not the right way to handle the customers because everyone deserves to get worth every penny they spend. So, make sure they give you a detailed list of things and services for the price they are quoting.
  1. The Perfect Arrangement: Flower arrangement is like picking the right dress for your wedding. It needs to be perfect, elegant and absolutely flawless. Delhi is known for its grand weddings and wedding flower decorations in Delhi are renowned for their unique and innovative arrangements all over the country. So, while picking a vendor, finalize every little things involved in the flower arrangement. If your vendor is not able to give you a clear image of how exactly the whole arrangement is going to look at your wedding, then he is not the right guy for you!
  1. Open to Suggestions: Mostly vendors take your considerations for the arrangements at the wedding. But, because wedding season in Delhi is a major event and almost every vendor is overloaded with projects and orders during that period. Sometimes, too overloaded to give good customer satisfaction regarding what they wanted at the first place or little changes required during the event, if any. So, beware of such vendors and get some kind of assurance that there will be hustle during your special day, while booking one.

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