Advantages of Automatic Folding Machines

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Automatic Paper folding machines

In earlier times, we saw that packing of the paper box produced with folding carton was done manually where workers put the paper boxes in the out box by hand. It needed too many exclusive responsible workers for packing and was a hindrance to the labor and production cost price. This was weakly influencing the rise because of not enough capability of machines. It speed delayed the manual works. But after the manufacture of the Automatic Folding Machines and its installation it converted the pre-existing manual machines into fully automated one to increase efficiency.  

This serves as the most presentable need at hand as one can reduce labor cost because of satisfying skeleton workers. So the automation of the production line would continuously increase in near future. This high quality folding machines did strive to provide highly effective and specialized machines to suit any unique requirements.

Specifications Handled

About the Paper Folding Machines, they vary greatly in quality and capabilities just like the popular brands. It has best specification as required in sheets to completely making suitable folds. There is he adjustable single piece buckle, quick setting of parallel folds, a perfect cross fold adjustment through micro-adjustable stoppers. Again, you can see an easy roller setting through check nuts, individual tension that control the belts where setting is made according to the thickness of paper. A ball bearing for easy and smooth running, simple/efficient lubrication.

Mailing with a folding machines i.e Mail Tabbing Machines automatically feeds and folds thousands of sheets per hour thereby boosting productivity. Whereas a Letter Folding machine can handle various paper weights, speed ranges and sheet sizes. They also perform several types of folds and can accept stapled sets of paper.

Advantageous Features

As we see there can be many types of paper folding machine and each one has its benefit designed for a application purpose.

1.          Manual Paper Folding Machine- It is compact in size and require low maintenance and serves as great for low outputs.

2.       Automatic Paper Folding Machine- It is typically programmable and can fold documents at wide range of outputs.

3.      Automatic Paper Folding Machine + Perforator or Score- These have optional micro-perforator and scorer attachments

Some advantages are here below.

-         Increases the productivity thereby saving considerable amount of time and money.

-         Reduce physical stress and mental pressure.

-         Increases output through decreasing manpower.

-         Advances the look and feel of letter by giving a professional touch.

As Digitalization Speaks

Many Digital Paper Folders can be set for custom fold settings. They are easy to use for every application. Here at Dynafold we see many of its effective challenge that marks a standing effort in creating customer satisfaction. Such like:

-         Satisfaction is guaranteed as you work with each project from beginning to end to ensure your order is exactly what you expect

-         The industry peers at providing quality products at superior end printing and finishing process.

-         Always answering through live during business hours in terms when you need assistance like a quote, or help with the software.

-         Printing is done on carbon neutral paper going through the most environmentally friendly printing process.

-         Experienced staffs for who need fast turnaround or rush production.

We offer broad range of folding machines ideally suited for churches, schools, mailrooms, small offices. So, get the right choice to select for your needs for finding to fit. Our paper folders come in wide range from a small single sheet fed to table capacity sheets. These are available with a variety of options at standard orientation on manual adjustment machines. We therefore enhearten you to approach us setting a reliable options for folding and enriching your business meet to higher platform. Feel free to visit our site at