Advantages of Using Sambrani

If there is one tradition that totally love by everyone and makes me feel very good is to use sambrani. Sambrani is called benzoin resin in English and it is the mastic of a tree that is dehydrated, powdered and sold in the markets, both as a powder or in blocks. Usage of Sambrani has remained in the culture for many years and in circumstance every South Indian home will have sambrani holders that will be more than 100 years old. Many nations use sambrani, in Arab countries they use it unswervingly and in some countries they use it in incense. You can also use it instead of sandalwood shavings as a part for making incense cones. To light up sambrani smoke, coal is placed together in sambrani holder and the sambrani powder is scattered over it. The Fragrance of Sambrani is just lovely; it has an exclusive beautiful fragrance that is different from the normal incense sticks. The fragrance of sambrani carriages the people back in time and somehow makes fill with peace and happiness. Even Ayurveda, guides us to use sambrani, as it tranquilities the nerves, and produces calmness, thus making the person ready for prayers. Centuries back women after having their hair wash, used to light up sambrani and keep a straw basket above it. The vapor will soak out of the pores of the straw basket. If we keep our wet hair near the basket, it will dry it very quickly and also leave a beautiful fragrant smell in our hair. Even if we have hair wash throughout winter months, if we make use sambrani, we will not get a headache, mainly if we have long, thick hair.  Sambrani is also used for babies, after children have their bath; sambrani is ignited and brought in that room. This prevents them from infectious a cold but keep in mind not to bring the smoke too near the babies, as it will lead them to cause cough. No auspicious day is completed without sambrani; sambrani is always lit during prayers and rituals. Nowadays a new variety of sambrani called computer sambrani is accessible. This kind does not need any coal; these are like cones made with sambrani, just light like dhoops. Lighting up of sambrani once in a day, make feels that we have followed a proper rituals and cultures. This Traditional way of Lighting of Sambrani keeps the rooms spiritually strong and produce positive vibrates and also keep away from Mosquitoes.