All the facts to know about Dewalt Carbon Brushes

Dewalt Carbon Brushes

There should be solid reputation for superior product knowledge and customer service from any leading industry. All appliances have motor and those motor has carbon brush. We are the industry leading source for replacement carbon brushes for industrial motor and generators. We supply carbon brush at a lower cost and guarantee with equivalent fit, form and function.

Carbon brush is a sliding contact that is useful in transmitting the electrical current from static to rotating part in a motor and generator. This is also regarded as machines and thus helps in ensuring a spark free commutation. The brushes are maintained by brush-holders and remains in permanent contact with the slip ring assembling along with commutator.

Styles and Specification

Carbon brush can be replaced and with a very easy tactic. Here are few lists of things with motors having carbon brushes. We have till now accumulated an extensive range of cross reference list containing numerous catalogue numbers while matching it with more hundreds of motor and generator manufacturers and their carbon brushes. So, try to search your motor or generator as per the manufacturer you’re looking.

We offer replacement carbon brushes for industrial motor and generators. If you know how to replace them you can almost be able to fix any motor thereby saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in your lifetime. Again, if your need these brushes for your household machinery like that of blenders, treadmills and power tools these are effective.

Dewalt Brushes

About the Dewalt carbon brush after using it for a long time your tools starts getting a bit sluggish. It just happens like other tools act and needs repair at first hand. Whenever there is a power loss in your motor it’s because of the wom carbon brushes in the motor of the tool. Now carbon brushes are considered as the most commonly replaced Dewalt parts because of the wear items of carbon brushes. Just like chalk over a chalkboard where the brushes gets wom down, and again they limit the electricity transformation to the armature. Now this wom brushes induces the stop and go of motor function reducing electricity braking and of reduced motor power. The same that induces is an indicator of wom brushes and is excessive sparking from the motor and also due to the smell of electricity in the air after using the tool.

The replacement carbon brushes are inexpensive and thus help the tool in running just like a brand new brushes, motor brushes, electric motor brushes or even simply brushes. While choosing the carbon brush as per the power tool there are usually two types, automatic stop and without automatic stop. Automatic stop carbon brushes have a spring throughout the length and this carbon brush wears out with time. Here the spring gets released and the current to the brush gets interrupted thereby switching off the power tool at once. Carbon brush without the automatic stop do not stops functioning at once but rather deteriorates the power tool performance rapidly.

At Mrcarbonbrush, we offer wide range of carbon of all types including motors, generators and alternators, grounding devices and current and signal transmission. For any query relating our product and its uses, please refer our site and contact us for detailed assistance and service. Visit us at