App Sends Your Instagram Photos to Walgreens

There are many amazing things you can do with photos these days because of smart technological advancements in photo apps. Since photos or images are already part of people’s lives, using apps to get printed photos conveniently and quickly is truly a timesaver.


Have you ever heard of the app that sends your Instagram photos to Walgreens? Well, this is something that you will be excited to try out especially this holiday season.


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App developers have just released such an app called Printicular. This free app is available for users of Android phones. Users of Windows 8 and iPhone are also looking forward to using this particular app in the near future.


The app can print square photos in Instagram in 4 by 4 formats or other sizes. From the gallery of your Android phone or the camera roll of your iPad or iPhone, you can send the photos and have them printed in varying sizes (e.g. 8x10, 5x7, 4x6, and 4x4).


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Windows 8 and iOS are not only used for playing games and other techy stuff. If you are interested in the app that sends Instagram photos to Walgreens, you can sign up today and receive notification when Printicular becomes available for the iOS or Windows 8.


If you want to save on your print orders, there is a code that you can use until the end of the month. The code is “PRNTCLR9”. By using this code, you can save as much as 25% on your print orders.


Whether you’re interested in playing games or using your phone for capturing great moments, there is an app that will suit your needs.


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Did you know that you can also send images from a social network like Facebook using the app? You can send images you’ve uploaded on your Facebook account to Walgreen for printing.


Now, you can use your Android phone for sending photos to Walgreen other than just using it to surf the web. Since many people use their phones for accessing social networks and other social media sites, the app is all you need to print your favourite photos within an hour.


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People will always love taking photos of special events and occasions. Almost everyone owns a phone these days. Android phone users are sure to benefit from the new app that is released in the market.


In the coming weeks or months, people can expect more and better apps that offer quick photo printing as an option. Nothing in photography is impossible with today’s modern photo app technology. If you are interested in printing photos with Walgreens, try this amazing app today. Look for Printicular and you can never go wrong. The blog sites mentioned above are great for guest postings and you will be updated with the latest in technology, games, or social media. Visit them today.