Auto stamper – Ultimate Package of Stamps

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With the tremendous increase in mobile phone usage, mobile friendly software have increased to great extend and has taken place in peoples life too. Mobile applications is one of them which makes work easy as different functionalities gets fulfilled by it. Different applications are categorized according to the functions provided.


Here are some of the ways to take mobile photography to next higher level and to make pictures perfect with the moment. There are many photo stamper applications available in the market while many people use to create stamps online and then stamp images to make it perfect to be remembered in future. So Auto stamper for Photo is an application in which you might thing what stamp to use because it provides Date and Time, signature and GPS (Global Positioning System) stamp that too with in-built phone camera only. Creating connection to the world is easier with this applications now a days.


Among with this stamps provided the most required and used is current time and date stamp. Many a times there are moments in life when you forget when the photo was captured and so you stress your mind in reminding when it was clicked. Auto stamper allows you to create your own stamp and add it to the images. You can stamp photo with date or time or both as per your preference. Time and date stamp photos free with this application with all the extra work which you require with photo editing application.


There are many occasions in life when we require date on images so that we can cherish it for life time. Auspicious times like festivals, get together, family functions when we would require to stamp images with date and time so that we can joyfully review it in future. Now a trend is going on to send invitations in form of photographs so time and date stamp is best to prefer as you can directly stamp photos with date of your wedding, parties, etc. which will cut off all your extra cost of printing.


People use time and date stamp also for legislation purposes. This application will make work extremely easy as one can have details on the picture itself to try out as a proof. No further needs of printing or online tools usage to create stamp as you can enjoy this feature for free with auto stamper application in your mobile phone only.


To use this application, you can directly use smartphone’s default camera and stamp pictures rather than using app’s camera. To use auto stamper’s Time and date stamp is very easy as the interface is elegant because of various functionalities like manual on/off, selection from list, etc. follow simple steps and you can create stamp as per your wish. Download the application, select the stamp from choices available, make changes to the stamp as you want them to appear on the image and finally capture photos with your phone only to stamp images as many as you wish to.


Auto stamper is one of the top 10 photo stamp app which provides best features. You are not required to have different apps for different stamps because auto stamper provides features that has not been provided by any other application yet. So enjoy perfect features of the application. Design your own stamp as per the image theme and background and stamp photos according to your to your wish. Adjust the stamp format like stamp color, size, format and position that will make your photo perfect with the moment and memorable for life long.


Download the application and explore more about time and date stamp!!