Be a Robin Hood and wage war against hunger

You might have read or heard Robin Hood stories where the Robin Hood robs the rich and serves the poor. Have you heard about Robin Hood army in the contemporary India? Do you feel completely helpless and do you wish to part of the army which is eradicating hunger in India and Pakistan? You can join the Robin Hood army who are redistributing food waste from restaurants and weddings to the hungry in India and Pakistan. Do you know how many people are dying of hunger and how many children are dying of hunger every day? Hunger kills more people each year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. This is a disturbing fact and everyone can help. One doesn’t to donate money    all the time, we can donate our time and effort in these good causes. A group of six youngsters in Delhi started with the aim to feed the homeless. They drove to restaurants and collected food waste and distributed to almost    100 people sleeping in the Delhi overnight. This was very inspiring and lot of their friends and colleagues joined the group and soon the strangers too. Then they formed the Robin Hood army (RHA) to eradicate hunger and the movement is spread across social media and gained huge momentum. It has 500 volunteers    13 cities, including Hyderabad, Mumbai and Kolkata. In April this year, the group also began operations in Pakistan cities, Karachi and Lahore.  The army maintains decentralization as every chapter can work in their local area. The leaders of this army do not physically meet any members or physically    present in any location. They guide the new team members and help them to form communities. In addition to restaurants, there are also lavish weddings where lot of food goes waste. This is taken for homeless and also orphanages. In last winter, the army helped the people to get some winter coats. While distributing food, the team will not look at the nutritional aspects as they try    to fill the stomach of the hungry people. Also, eating sweets is not a routine for homeless. In Hyderabad, four of the volunteers fed around 970 people just with excess food from one wedding. Anyone can be a Robin Hood. Annadanam is considered a sacred tradition of offering food. If one can be a Robin Hood and help to feed the hunger, it is also considered as annadanam. Spread the word and support the cause.