Bharat Thakur Arts Gallery Evokes your Spiritual Feelings

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A painting surely reflects the mind and soul of a painter as it is the brain child of the artist that comes from deep inside to reflect their inner feelings and thoughts in a creative way on the canvas. As you go through Bharat Thakur arts gallery you shall surely understand his state of mind towards spirituality and his understanding about life that he wants to share through his paintings. Bharat Thakur who was born to a family of landlords had a very unusual upbringing under his family spiritual guru Sukhdev Brahmachari following the practices of mystical and spiritual tradition of Aghora. He was introduced to a life in the Himalayas close to nature and groomed with a goal of awakening and enlightening his inner spirit to understand the purpose of life. He is also appointed to carry forward the legacy to spread yoga and initiate mystic knowledge to the deserving.

Bharat Thakur unfolded his knowledge to the present world through his yoga teachings and meditation as well as took to the modern art paintings on canvas to reflect his inner thoughts and enlighten people by evolving the mysteries of the natural elements through his paintings. Unlike other artists who learn painting, this came naturally to Bharat Thakur who preferred unconventional tools like using his hands, fingers and nails which he is more familiar than the painting brushes to create the art work. His master strokes of color and texture used in eccentric methods not only offers him a free hand to express his thoughts but also touches the viewer’s heart genuinely. As a self-taught natural artist, Bharat Thakur generally choses unique themes that revolve around the universe, power of God and the natural elements that are beautifully and also powerfully depicted on his canvas. He maintains a balance between absolute realism and total abstraction of the paintings that added a distinctive touch to his art work.

The Bharat Thakur artwork online is really a visual treat that fills one with the joy of experiencing the powerful elements of nature and touches the hearts arousing spiritual feelings. As he paints the canvas in a meditative state you can feel the tranquillity of each art work which is in reality a transformation of his feelings and thoughts towards the almighty. You can buy these wonderful art works from Bharat Thakur by visiting the Bharat Thakur arts gallery online.

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