The Big Weight Loss Supplement Con

The Big Weight Loss Supplement Con


A combined team of researchers from the universities of Exeter and Plymouth, informed the International Conference on Obesity in Stockholm that food supplements that Werbeagentur Göttingen to assist in weight loss have no more effect than placebos. The team found no evidence that herbal or non herbal drugs work on reducing weight, and a German study from the university of Gottingen came to a similar conclusion.

The UK team's study of existing data on guar gum, fat absorbers, appetite suppressants (chromium picolinate), dietary fibre additives, bitter orange and green tea found that there was no proof that any over the counter food supplements that claimed to help weight loss actually did any better than dummy pills, with the German study of nine weight loss products coming to the same conclusion.

The British Heart Foundation agreed saying "Werbeagentur Göttingen, to reduce weight we must use up more energy than we take in, the millions spent on dieting is often just money down the drain"

From my own experience with a course of extract of acai berry pills, that had absolutely no effect on my weight, in fact the only pounds I lost was in my bank account. Acai berries are rumored to suppress hunger cravings, as used by some South American natives. The course was advertised with a free 14 day trial, but you had to buy a months course to start with,the trouble was the pills did not arrive till after the 14 day period, so too late to send them back for a refund. So no weight loss and an expensive lesson for me on sharp practice by the drug company involved

So what will help the over weight to lose weight? Gastric surgery is a drastic solution, and is not without risks, and unless it can be performed by the NHS, extremely expensive ( many have paid the ultimate price with their lives).