Bill Morgenstern’s- Humorous Tales of a crazy life

There are amazing stories that has gripped the universe. One such story is the crazy life of a kid from Brooklyn, where the humorous tales of a crazy life is depicted in a wonderful way. Morgenstein, first time author, with his book that appealsresponsivenessinitial with its name articulatedcomprehensive story about his life, his childhood, learning, time spent in army, all the stimulating and challenging jobs and positions he held, running the universalfirm and ending with his consulting days. Bill Morgenstein managed to write a memoir well worth your time. The book twitches with his family & best friend Louie, who continuously got him in trouble both in and out of school.

The author always hadbeen an interesting figure who had his own share of interest in business.His crazy kids sales lessons  are pretty interesting where Louie got him fired due a sheer mishap. The author earned a good amount of money from his tips which he used to buy candies. There was this local candy store on the corner where he is very friendly with the owner. One Friday his friend Louie suggested the shop owner that the author could eat a dozen ice cream sundaes with nuts, whipped cream and Fox’s U-Bet chocolate syrup. Joe, the owner said that if the author finished them within an hour they would be free and I’ get a couple of dollars to boot. Such was his intellect to strike business from his childhood.

His new job asan Mgt.Trainee for Thom McAn shoes showcased his new life in shoe business and he rose higher in position and stature when he was offered a position as Executive V. P. of Kitty Kelly Shoe Co, with the idea of becoming President within six months. Hard work, dedication, diligence and non-stop interest to succeed offered him the best of life he could possibly ever imagine. One may see his transformation of Rags to Riches story without being intimidated. His early experience as a business person Lou had gotten him a job in the summers like delivering wool in the garment in district. With every new business he learned the art of trade without any hassle. One can imagine the kind of courage, sincerity, dedication it takes on the part of Bill Morgenstein to succeed in the raw stages ofhis life, his childhood. He learnt every single secret of life while he was a teenagerwhich gets reflective in the crazy kids sales lessons


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In this article the author reproduces his untamed childhood with crazy kids sales lessons . Reading such a great book is worth all your time, money and patience.