BOMBER BLAST Classic Bomberman Game available for Free Download

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In the past, we played this Bomberman Game on video game on TV at your home and you cannot go to the another place while playing this game but the main advantage of this Bomberman Game app is that you can play it anytime anywhere through your mobile. And this is the best app to play during college free time, canteen time, school time to refresh your mood.

How to Play

This game is very easy to play and there are so many levels and stages in Bomberman Game to play. You start with 1st stage and as you pass the level to another levels are there to play. In the manner of easy to medium and then medium to hard. You can move in the game through navigation control. From left, right, up and down.

You can place the bombs to be safe from the opposite enemies and to destroy the wall.  You must be very much careful to save your self by the monsters because if the monster comes near you then you will die and the game will be over. And also you need to be so sure that you don’t blow from your own bomb that is why you need to go away from the bomb right after placing it anywhere.

All the opposition will try to catch you and kill you, but you need to be very much careful and you should know the trick to save your self from them. Bomberman is very easy to play Game you have to find the key to open the door and move the next and just find the possible way to put bombs and destroy all monsters. You can bet with your friends or family members to complete this game on particular time duration.

You can see your time duration like, how much time has left to complete the stage. And you can also see the Life which is left to get another chance to complete the level. You can see your score during playing this game. Children now a days are very addictive to mobile and they will play this game anytime on your device without waiting for the vacation or holidays.

Bomberman Game is absolutely freely available on Google Play Store and supported every Android device. So, download this amazing classic Bomberman Game and feel like playing the original bomberman Game.