Bringing Back the old flavours of Madras


In this day and age where everyone is running behind something in their life and they don’t even have the time to have their lunch with their family and friends and enjoy the home cooked meal that we all crave for. There is nothing like a home cooked meal, the aroma of the chicken cooking in the pan or pakodas that is being readied for us to eat while watching the latest cricket match.

Nothing can compare to the food that your Mom or Grand-mom prepares, not just because it’s super delicious, it’s special because, it has so much love and affection put into it.

For all you foodies out there that want to go back in time and experience the old flavours of Madras in style, I have three worlds for you – MADRAS CURRY CUP.

This new restaurant in town is reviving the old South Indian dishes. You will feel at home when you have their lip smacking delicacies.

They have a daily menu system in place, each day you’ll have different main courses. Their Mutton Kola Urandai Kozhambu with rice and their Pumpkin Morekozhambu with rice are just to die for. They also serve various South Indian favourites and you have to try them to experience the authentic NAMMA CHENNAI FLAVOUR.

Their dynamic Menu caters to Vegetarians, Non-Vegetarians and even the Eggitarians.

They also serve mouth-watering sides like Onion pakodas, Sora Puttu, prawn fries etc on all days. Their delectable selections of beverages and sweets are sure to leave you wanting for MORUU    (Pun intended).

For the professionals who have limited lunch hours, they bring the goodness of homely South-Indian food, straight to their hands and they’ll have this satisfaction of having a thoroughly home cooked meal and Everything is freshly made every day.

They do not have a restaurant for now, you can order their food through Zomato or Swiggy. Their food bowls/Box are also available in supermarkets.

Their tagline says Eat.Repeat! With food tasting this good and healthy (No preservatives) I am pretty sure people will be wanting to taste their cup fulla kushi again and again!

Go now and take your taste buds on a foodtastic journey.