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Bharat Thakur artwork is quite distinctive with an in-depth spiritual sense that is used as a medium to bring out his thoughts and reflections towards spirituality and life. He being a man marked to make a difference in the materialistic world. He has been chosen by his family guru Sukhdev brahmachari to follow the ancient traditional spiritual practices of the Aghora and to spread yoga and mystical knowledge in the world. In this process he has spent almost 13 years in the remoteness of the Himalayas following his master and exposed to the raw power of natural elements that shaped his spirit beyond ordinary with specific goals of enlightenment and awakening his soul and spiritual path. Once he is ready to take the legacy forward he come back to the normal life and chosen yoga and also paintings to reflect his thoughts and inspire people to experience the mystical life.

As art came naturally to Bharat Thakur who has never learned it in any school follows his heart in creating the abstract paintings with unconventional tools like his fingers and palms that gives him better control to express his feelings through the canvas. His choice of colors, textures, lines, forms and patterns are all so unique and add efficacy to his abstract artwork. He has mastered in transforming spirituality into art form dissolving all boundaries of objects and cosmic energy to shape his feelings onto the canvas. His artwork is a flow of energy that offers a visual dynamism creating a deep impact on the viewers. His themes and color choice is very striking to bring out his deep down expressions of awakening the soul and mystical knowledge onto the canvas. The beauty of his artwork lies in the visually incomplete paintings stirring a meaningful thought in the mind of the viewers. His love for natural elements also dominates his paintings who deftly balance the dark and lighter tones of the colors to bring out his persona onto the canvas.

You can view Bharat Thakur artwork online under different series for you to make a choice to buy wall art online from his gallery. Having one of his paintings not just adds a meaning to your wall but also inspires you to experience life beyond materialist comforts and bring yourself close to nature to lead a life with awareness towards mystical knowledge.

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