The Construction Video Services Helps To Document Work In Progress With Utmost Details

It is really wonderful to document the progress of work at the huge construction sites which not only stand as a witness on how the projects have shaped up at different stages but also states the expertise of the contractors in handing such huge projects and the workmanship of their team which can also be used as a reference by the next generation. However, documenting projects on large scales like construction of skyscrapers, dams, tunnels, canals, power stations etc. is not an easy job and only professional companies like Timelapse Middle East can handle such tasks with the help of their sophisticated equipment and dexterous people who get down to the job to record the meticulous details of every project at different stages. This documentation of project can be used not only to monitor the work in progress but also present to the clients the pace and quality construction of the projects being handled by the contractor.

The documentation process at the construction sites is undertaken by the professional construction video services company who use different methods to capture the details of the project. They use progressive filming to create real time video feed of the work site, site photo shoots using 4G cameras to capture high resolution photos at the work site, site videos so that you can watch them at your convenience to get an idea regarding the progress of work and use all this material to create presentation about the on-going project and also annual video reports with an eye for detail about the construction progress at the work sites.

The company offer aerial filming services through helicopter that makes it possible to document the construction process in detail and also reveal interesting facts about the work being done through their breath-taking video and photo shoots. The company take the responsibility of acquiring the necessary permits for the helicopter shoot and conduct day and night aerial filming using a gyro mount to stabilize the cameras to picture the work in progress. You can also avail drone filming services to capture those wonderful insights of the project at both the exterior and interior levels which is not possible to capture manually. The drone filming services can be used to create commercials to satellite TV channels for broadcasting the film. The Timelapse Middle East company is also expert in offering 360 degree photography and 4K ultra HD time-lapse videos that offer superb shots which can be compiled into a small film about the long project journey.

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