Different Kinds Of Timber Sealant Products

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In order to protect wooden structures in homes and buildings the primary way to maintain them is to apply waterproofing sealants. Waterproofing products are of different varieties these days. You could opt for simple oils that get into the wooden pores and fill them up. The oils penetrate into the wood and make them impermeable to moisture. In other cases you could opt for products that act like a membrane on wooden structures. Hence, when you apply such products you would find a membrane like layer on top of the wooden surfaces. These are ways or solutions you could opt for when you take up garage door maintenance.

Among the solvent based waterproofing sealants, epoxy resin is a common product. This is used in wood floor oiling in many products. There are different subcategories when it comes to epoxy resin based products. These used in wood floor oiling usually comprise of a curing agent as well as resin. These need to be mixed before application. There is a curing time for the resin that differs in each product. For that reason, if you use a product that has a resin with a low curing time, this might not be ideal for a project like oiling of wooden floors. That is because this is time consuming work and the resin will probably cure in the mix long before the application is completed. Hence, as per the nature of waterproofing work that you take on, choose the sealant product accordingly.

There are certain oils that are ideal for waterproofing wooden structures. These can be used in garage door maintenance as well. For instance, linseed oil might be used as well as tung oil, which are natural oils taken from seed extracts. These oils have natural properties that can prevent the wood from rotting and add a natural shine to wood. There are also other products such as varnish. This is a common product found in most hardware stores. This product acts as a water repellent and adds a surface coating to the wooden surface. In certain cases, such as in soft wood structures, you might need to apply two or three coats. The coatings when applied properly are long lasting and need not be re applied for two or three years. There are waterproofing products which help add a shine or tint to wooden surfaces. In case you wish to retain the natural look of the wood you could opt for products without a tint. In other cases, especially when the wood is of inferior quality and has deteriorated over time, using a product with a tint will help add a shine and color that are beneficial.

The above tips are helpful for those who are looking to apply waterproofing sealants to wooden structures. In other cases you could resort to professional services. Such services will be able to provide you polishing work that is done professionally.


This article is about the uses and benefits of treated wood or lumber. The author talks about the different wood floor oiling methods here.