Easy to Make Mexican Bean Burger Recipe!

Mexico, a country wild and barren in the north and humid and hot in the south – offers a cuisine that reflects its culinary culture – vibrant, colourful, rich, invigorating and always in the festive mood! Mexican delicacies and recipes are quite similar to Indian recipes and cuisines. Mexican Bean Burger Recipe is one of them! Available in various sizes and shapes, it is prepared using boiled Rajma (red kidney beans) and potatoes. Here, let’s learn how to prepare this amazing dish -

Mexican Bean Burger Recipe with Boiled Rajma and Boiled Potato -



·         2 English Oven bun breads.

·         Red kidney Beans (Rajma).

·         1 tablespoon of grated Lemon zest.

·         1 lemon juice.

·         1 tea spoon of cumin powder.

·         1 table spoon of coriander powder.

·         ½ CUP Cornflour powder.

·         Salt to taste.

·         2 medium size chopped onions.

·         1 cup of bread crumps.

·         Little oil for shallow frying.

·         1 large sliced tomato.

·         1 medium size round sliced onion, and is kept separated.

Method for preparation

·         Add kidney beans, lemon zest, cumin powder, coriander powder, coriander leaves, cornflour powder, lemon juice and salt in a blender jar and blend them well into a smooth mixture.

·         Add half cup English Oven breadcrumbs, chopped onion and mix them well.

·         Shape the mixture into small round or triangle patties.

·         Post this, coat the patties with the remaining breadcrumbs, press them lightly and refrigerate for about 10-15 minutes.

·         Add oil in a non-stick frying pan and put the patties into it. Shallow fry them, turn the sides till evenly done on both the sides.

·         Slice the burger buns into two equal parts. Spread mayonnaise on the lower slice and place the fried patties on it. Now add sliced tomatoes, onion rings on the top.

·         Garnish it with coriander leaves, jalapenos and cover it with the remaining half bun.

·         Serve hot with zesty sauced!

Additional information about the recipe-

·         Preparation time- 6to 10 minutes.

·         Cooking time- 20- 30 minutes.

·         Serve- 1

·         Nutritional information- calories: 2857, Carbohydrates: 128.2, Protein: 482.7 and Fat: 45.8