The ECC encrypted messaging is the best solution to thwart hackers.

The use of the smartphone has become very common. This has become the most convenient instruments for communicating with people. When we use the word ‘communicating’, we refer to the telephonic conversations, email communications, messaging, as well as doing business transactions using the internet. All these channels entail transmission of data in some form or the other. This data moves around freely over the internet. Hence, it is prone to cyber attacks from hackers and unscrupulous people. You need protection from such elements. The safety of your data is vital. This entails you to employ the latest security measures. One of them is ECC encrypted messaging.

The benefits of this system are many. This article takes you through all the benefits in brief.

The people, especially the younger generation, are very adept at using the instant messaging services. In this service, you can correspond with people instantly online. You send and receive messages online. It is akin to an online chat. Hence, there should not be any reason to store these messages once the chat is over. The ECC system has a facility whereby one can cause these messages to self-destruct after the chat is over. This can be of great help in maintaining the secrecy of the chat. The system envisages the deletion of the messages from both the phones immediately.

Sometimes, you have to correspond using the traditional messaging route where you get a response at a later stage. This entails that your messages have to remain on the phone server for a longer time than usual. This ECC security system allows you to delete these messages after a pre-determined period.

The existing security system allows for encrypting the phone messages. However, there is a minor drawback. The PGP system encrypts the message body while leaving the header as well as the details of the sender and recipient intact. An intelligent hacker can read between the lines and decipher the message to create havoc. The ECC 521 takes care of this aspect as well. When you use the ECC system, there is no scope for the hacker to infiltrate into the system and wean away the information.

The best aspect of using the ECC system is the freedom you get to formulate your own passwords. In the normal course, the mobile service provider gives you the passwords or the access codes. There is scope for mischief here in case you come across an unscrupulous mobile service provider. The ECC 521 enables you to formulate your passwords and access codes. This is one of the best defense methods available in the market today.

Another important facility on offer is the use of the duress password. Hence, no one will be able to force his or her way through into your phone. The use of the duress password can erase the data within seconds rendering the instrument useless. Similarly, you have the facility of erasing the data from the smartphone from a remote location. This can be very useful in case you lose your phone.

In short, this is a very effective solution.