Fundamentals of 53 grade cement that Exposed

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One of the most known building material which is used all over the world is the Ordinary Portland Cement. The history of cement dates back to the 1820s and the name Portland was named by Joseph Aspdin, who was a British cement manufacturer. This name came as a result of the likeness of the Portland Stone. So in this post, we will look at some of the key features and facts of the 53 grade cement.

Key Features of 53 grade cement

The main component of ordinary Portland cement are Calcium, Iron, Silica and Alumina. Manufacturers of cement products constantly make effort in studying and strengthening the quality and attributes of cements. The 53 grade of laxmi cement is one with a sophisticated strength, which equates rising trend for a high competent building material in the metropolitan world. This type of cement is perfectly fitted for the following applications: High-rise buildings, industrial works, pre-stressed concrete work such as silos, bridges, etc., pre-cast elements like concrete poles and railway sleepers.

The advantage of 53 grade cements include

·         Laxmi cement produces a sound and durable concrete because of its low percentage of alkalis, chlorides, free lime and magnesia in its composition.

·         It produces a form of flexibility to engineers and help architects to design smoother and inexpensive buildings.

·         The improvement of a high strength. This give space for beam and slabs to be taken off earlier instead of a quick speed of construction and also save cost.

·         Nearlyanirrelevant chloride content marks in restraining the corrosion of concrete structure in harsh environment.

The best application of 53 grade cements are:

  • All types of R.C.C. works
  • Pre-cast elements such as Railway sleepers and concrete poles
  • High-rise buildings
  • Pre-stressed concrete work like bridges, silos, etc.
  • Industrial works

There are different cement grades available in the market, but none can be liken as to the 53 grade ordinary Portland cement. This is because of its ability to give a consistent high strength. The grade number of any cement pinpoint the minimum compressive strength, which is anticipated by the cement to reach within 28 days. 53 grade cement has its compressive strength on the 28th day and isn’t less than 53MPa or 530 kg/sqcm.

Fact about the 53 Grade cement

53 Grade and 43Grade ordinary Portland cement are alike in terms of chemical composition, but the distinguishing factor is in their grinding process. At the final stage of the higher grades, the grinding process is much finer and smoother. This quality has an influence on the durability and strength of the cement.

Author’s Bio

Billy James in this article looks at some of the fundamentals of the 53 grade cements with its key features. He also looks at the advantages of 53 grade cements and how laxmi cement produces a more durable concrete product.