Get the Right Marker

Not all paintball markers are created equal. Choosing a marker that fits your style of play and experience level is important. Here are the different types and ranges of paintball markers that are available.


If you are interested in playing in tournaments, you will want to have a tournament style marker for your matches. Built for speed, these markers are light, maneuverable, and usually electronic. They can offer a variety of firing modes and work well on smaller fields as well as natural landscape scenarios. Planet Eclipse paintball markers for tournaments come in a wide price range and are good all-purpose markers.

Tactical or Assault

If you are interested in playing in scenario driven matches, then a tactical or assault marker is for you. These markers have a realistic look and feel and a rapid rate of fire, at times approaching as much as 20 balls per second. Often these markers will have different firing modes to adjust play.


Paintball players that focus on targets and kills in one shot will favor a sniper marker. With this type of marker, accuracy, power, and control are much more important than rapid fire ability.   Sniper markers are also usually lightweight in design. The pump action type of sniper markers has a closed-bolt system that optimizes the evenness of the airflow that propels the paintball. This ensures that the shot is as accurate and controlled as possible.

Now that the types of markers have been described, what level of play are you at? That can make a difference in what type of paintball marker you buy as well.
Beginner Markers

For players that are just starting to enjoy paintball, there are a wide variety of markers and player packs that are tailored to the entry-level market. The packages will provide you with a marker, goggles, an air tank, and a paintball hopper. The actual paintballs are sold separately because they are a perishable item. If you decide you want to invest more in your new hobby after some experience, you can perhaps upgrade your barrel or board with a higher-quality unit.

  Mid-Range Markers

The emphasis on mid-range markers is electronic functionality. This means that they use less air than the mechanical entry models. These markers are usually between $150 to $300 dollars and are worth it for those who play paintball several times per year.

High-End Markers

High-end markers start at $400 dollars and on up. Paintballs fire quickly and consistently because of built-in regulators. Operated with compressed air that does well in a variety of temperatures, the barrels of this type of marker can be changed to match the size of the paintball in use.  Electronic programmability is standard in this level of the markers. Planet Eclipse paintball markers feature high-quality parts that are all made in-house. High-end markers support professional level play.

Whether you are a beginner paintball sniper or an intermediate tournament player, there are marker choices to meet your needs. If you are new to the sport, try a variety of paintball environments and types of play to see what styles and environments that you prefer.