Hangover Prevention: Scientifically Proven!

In reading a friend's post about abstaining from alcohol, I realized that I best write something about prickly pear cactus juice. In fact, I should have done this a week ago.   Anyhow, if you are one who does not abstain from alcohol and does get hangover at times, you will be happy to know that a plant that grows in Arizona is a friend of yours.   Prickly Pear Cactus, Opuntia focus indicia   Yep. The juice from prickly pear cactus is scientifically proven to help prevent hangovers.    Compared to placebo:    Prickly pear reduced nausea, dry mouth and appetite loss of being hangover. Prickly pear reduced the amount of c-relative protein by 40% Prickly pear reduced the risk of a severe hangover by 50% Those are some very solid numbers.   The study concluded that the main benefit from prickly pear juice came from its ability to limit inflammation. When the body limits inflammation, health is likely to present.   The inflammation caused by drinking is partly caused by the toxic effects on the liver's mitochondria. These cells make energy for the liver and without them, the liver cells die.   The prickly pear juice does not stop the mitochondrial intoxication of liver cells but it does limit the amount of C - reactive protein [CRP] enzyme released by the liver. It is this reduction which reduces the effect of hangover prevention.   How to Prevent Hangover Prevention:    Before your night out, take a tablespoon of prickly pear cactus juice. That's it. This does not excuse the crazy evenings, empty wallet or otherwise obnoxious events that may occur.   Be safe. Be smart. Be less hangover.   Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/120849