How to Choose The Perfect Laptop Backpack

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1.Know your laptop size

Every laptop backpack can fit a particular laptop size. It is best to get a Laptop Backpack that perfectly fits your laptop. A backpack that is too small will not be useful, while one that is too big will lead to the laptop shifting around in the bag, which can cause damage. If you do not know the size of your laptop, it can be easily measured. Simply measure the screen from one corner to the opposite (Not adjacent) corner.

2. Check the padding

The padding in a bag is of utmost importance. A backpack with insufficient padding can lead to damage of the laptop whenever it is kept even a little too harshly. The backpack should be padded on the base, as well as on the sides of the laptop compartment

3. Look at the other compartments.

A backpack is not going to be used only to carry the laptop around. Ensure that there are other spacious compartments in the backpack to carry other needed items.

4. Check the Shoulder Straps

Laptops tend to be very heavy, and can strain the shoulders when carrying them around. A good backpack has wide and soft padded shoulder sleeves with adjustable straps so that the strain on the shoulders is minimized as much as it can be.

5. Check the material of the backpack

The material of the backpack should be durable and strong. It should be able to withstand heavy weights and strain. It should also be waterproof so as to ensure that the laptop is not spoilt by water.

6. Your own style

Finally, a backpack should reflect your own personal style and uniqueness. A backpack is but an accessory that you will be carrying around with you, so make sure that you get something that you love.

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