How to make your photo and moments memorable with Auto stamper for Photo

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Auto Stamper for Photo

We all know how fast communication technology growing nowadays. Smartphones give big impact in multimedia technology because they come with all our need for photography. The modern mobile phone offers us a wide range of photographic features. But we can't ignore that limited feature provide by smartphone because people not satisfied every time with smartphone's functionality. This is the reason behind to develop application to provide some outstanding and useful features that user wants.

Smartphone provides you some extraordinary and outstanding multimedia/photography experience with the some good application. If you have good smartphone, you probably have a decent camera with it. But every inbuilt camera has some limitation in photography. Because of this, application introduce and that transforms your camera into a super camera. Many applications are present in the market with that you can change and enhance the Flash, Timer, Zoom, Resolution, filters, Volume, and Whitebalance of your camera.

Auto Stamper for Photo is one of them best android and IOS photography application. Sometime you have lots of photos that you can't remember where they were photographed, or the exact date and time. It gives headache trying to remember the information. Well, there is a solution to the problem, called "Auto Stamper for Photo". You can add current Date and Time into the pictures when you capture it. Most focused Feature of this application is "Use of Default Camera", user can add date stamp and time stamp on photos which are clicked by the smartphone’s default camera. No other application provides this feature.

Some useful information for pictures such as the date and time of the shot can be useful to everyone since dates get changed and almost never indicate the date and time that the actual picture was taken. The smartphone’s inbuilt camera doesn’t offer the functionality of adding Date and Time on the photo. Because of this developer introduce application like Auto Stamper for Photo. With this app Application when a photo is captured, it is automatically stamped with current Date and Time. This does one thing, it provide functions like Auto Date and Time Stamp which saves the frustration of trying to add the stamp with the photo by using other lengthy processes.

Some other additional features also present in the application that make Date, Time stamps more unique and attractive. Features like Manual On/Off Functionality, This feature not provided by many applications. You can choose a photo for adding Date and Time stamp on the photo. Adjustable Stamp Format, you can adjust all stamps regarding your choice anywhere in the photo. Varieties in Font Format (After PRO), you can add a different font format for any stamp. There are so many options available on application. Stamp position where you want (After PRO), in the photo you can add stamps anywhere you want to select the different position of the stamp. Manual Selection of Stamp Color (After PRO), as per your background image you can set stamp colors while captures photos.

You just have to do is that, Download this application in your smartphone, then setting window open on your screen where you can set stamp manually as per your requirements like different stamp text format, text size, text color and text position anywhere in your photo. Then close an application and take the photo with the phone’s inbuilt camera. The stamp will be automatically added in your photo.

So try Auto Stamper for Photo application now from Google play store (Android) or App store (Apple) and make your photography memorable for life long with it. Application get good response from a user who already use this application and experienced the useful and unique functionality of the app.