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Lavazza Espresso

The characteristic of an espresso bean is directly related to its place of origin. Additionally, hand picking and specially picking from these beans provides an even greater standard of quality. But, ask any espresso aficionado what genuinely sets a good cup of espresso apart from the others, and they'll tell you that it's all in the roasting process. Once the espresso beans are chosen, they're roasted to a luscious dark brown, to then be ground into the perfect espresso grind. But it's that critical roasting process that in the end determines the quality of the cup. With this wisdom, Lavazza places tremendous focus on their espresso bean roasting process. Visit for click :

Lavazza espresso whole beans are chosen green, and roasted at their optimum roasting temperature. This care prevents the beans from becoming very dehydrated, which can considerably take away from the freshness of the coffee, and doesn't leave them overly oily either, which can clog up espresso machines. There is, in spite of this, no one temperature that can be used for every bean. Lavazza espresso whole beans are roasted by means of modern state-of -the-art roasting technology, and are roasted to standards that greatly surpass those in the industry. It is this faithfulness to quality that has kept Lavazza espresso whole beans as the ideal espresso roast in Italy for more than the past 20 years!

Lavazza espresso whole beans are very meticulously monitored from a chief control room in each facility through their entire roasting process. This strict level of surveillance helps guarantee that each bean is roasted to perfection, every single time. Lavazza also has alarms set in place for each stage of the roasting process. This prevents any issues from slowing down the roasting process as well as ensuring a perfect roast for every bean.

The roasting process is what brings out the character, flavor, and the very spirit of the coffee bean. From their first roast, Lavazza has taken that notion very seriously. Even at present, they are as committed to that same idea with each and every bag of Lavazza espresso whole beans. Lavazza espresso whole beans are known for being the preferred selection for 16 million coffee drinkers in Italy; but their product is also available worldwide.

Don't settle for oily or dry beans that have been placed through an mechanized, unsupervised roasting process. Choose Lavazza espresso whole beans and get a cup that has been watched under a careful eye from bean selection to its roasting process. Come shop with us for Lavazza espresso whole beans and know that you're getting a cup of espresso that also the strictest connoisseurs would approve of. We also have a full line of all Lavazza products too; whatever type of coffee you're interested in, you'll only get the greatest - all the way from Italy.


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