Light Incense and Spread Purity All Over

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An Incense is a symbol of purity. It is the only way to reach to God. It makes us feel secured, blessed, and perfect within our self, it totally refresh our mood. Whenever we pray to God the first thing we do is, lighting the incense stick. The fragrance of the Incense Stick spread all around the room in the air which spread perfect atmosphere to pray God. It also spreads positive vibrant which helps us to be polite and be a clam. There are different types of aroma incense sticks with a different fragrance, different shapes it is your choice what you want it.

India is the leading country for producing incense. The half of Indian people requires Incense sticks. Now only in India but also in foreign countries there use Incense sticks on large sale. Almost 220 crores of Incenses sticks is exported to foreign countries. Domestically in every year around 60 billion sticks are manufactured and products to the markets. In per year the growth is almost 7%. Incense sticks have a huge demand during the religious festivals such as Diwali, Dassera, Ganesh Utsav and much more. Some of the Incense fragrance loved domestically and internationally are Jasmine, Mogra, Rose, and Sandal and there are much more. Incense sticks industry gives livelihood too many women’s living in rural areas. It also becomes a major revenue earing for government also. Currently in India incense industry is as a cottage industry. The market of Incense sticks is in an unorganized manner. The government has to bring their attention towards this problems. The incense stick has also promoted entrepreneurship for manufacturing of Incense stick. In early days women’s use to go to the forest and cut down the woods, this cause injury to them. Due to this purpose, wood cutting machines are invented to cut down the wood easily and it is also time-consuming. But unfortunately, it is experienced that as wood cutting machines were invented and all the incense making work was done by the machines, it doesn’t provide proper results. The fragrance of the handmade incense and the incense made from machine differ in fragrance.

Using of Pure Incense sticks daily is a type of aromatherapy. Incense sticks are used for a long time.  Incense sticks were first used in Egypt. People living in Egypt use Incense stick for many purposes like in their religious festivals, mainly it was used for burning of mummies. Incense is a part of the Life for many people.