Major Dating Turn Offs - Lightning Speed Dating

We all love to create an impressive impression when out on a date. But what few of us fail to realize that is, dressing well and carrying a sophisticated outlook are not the only things that get counted. Just read our write-up and see if you are guilty of any.

1. Rude To the Waiter:

Even professional waiters are human and at times even they might go wrong. It is true that you are on a date and want everything to work out perfectly but even if it does not, there is nothing to get hyper. Take a few deep breaths and maintain patience. It is important to behave politely or else your date can think that you are not only rude but as well have no regards for humanity. This, by the end of the day might have negative effects on your new relationship.

2. Talking about Your EX:

You are going to start of a fresh relationship with a new person, then why bore him/her by talking about your ex. No matter for what reason your previous relationship failed to work out, but this is not the right time to talk about your past. Currently focus on your present. Try to build in this moment and enjoy every bit of it. Get to know each other and spend quality time.

3. Playing With Your Phone:

It is true that nowadays Smartphone has started replacing a lot of traditional activities but then today keep it aside. There is no reason good enough to be distracted by your phone whilst on a date – your mum, your boss, your best friend.... they can all wait an hour till your date has finished.

4. Picky Eater:

Dieting is good for health and we all should follow it from time to time. But today when you are on a date, forget about your diet plans. Be a bit relaxed and order something that both of you will be comfortable having. Don’t allow your date to have an impression of yours as a choosy and uncompromising individual.