Modern Art Paintings from Bharat Thakur are Renowned Across the Globe

Indian art is very famous across the world for its unique concepts and techniques in both traditional and modern forms. The art work in India dates back to the pre-historic hominid settlements and has undergone many cultural influences before making its way to the present day modern arts of India. The Indian art mainly revolved around pottery and sculpture, visual arts like paintings and textile arts on woven silk that has fetched great acclaim to the famous Indian arts. Among the Indian arts, paintings played a prominent role in recording the historic and cultural significances of the country during different eras and has been greatly encouraged by the patrons that so many famous artists has emerged in India whose paintings can be seen in various galleries and auction houses across the world. The Modern art paintings flourished post-independence with many eminent painters coming up from modern art schools and having their own style and niche contributing to the modern art paintings India.

One among them who has added a spiritual touch to the Indian abstract painting is Bharat Thakur who is an artist not by choice but by nature. His works reflect his experiences of being brought up in the mystic environment of the Himalayas following the footsteps of his guru Sukhdev Brahmachari who is an adept of the ancient spiritual tradition and mystical knowledge of the Aghora. He has guided his disciple on the mystical knowledge and awakening and enlightening of the soul which is the real purpose of leading a life. During this period Bharat Thakur experienced living off the raw under the stark nature with barely anything to cover his body and enough food to silence his hunger while waking miles and miles on his barefoot on the rock icy mountains of the Himalayas. His training has offered him an immersed vision of life on how to embrace life to the fullest beyond the conflicts of rights and wrongs of the materialistic world.

All these experiences with nature and spirituality reflect in the abstract  modern art paintings of Bharat Thakur which come with a refreshing rawness and originality that cannot be compared to any other artistic works. His choice of colors, texture, subject and unconventional painting techniques makes his work a revelation of his inner self with lot of innate talent and creativity. His art work is really a great contribution to the famous Indian arts which has been recognised across the world.

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