Natural Ways To Achieve Rock Hard Erections And Improve Sex Life Effectively

Weakness of blood vessels leading to venous leakage, diabetes, neurological problems, loss of elasticity of smooth muscles of the male reproductive organ, low testosterone and low nitric oxide levels are some causes for the loss of erection strength in men. Studies find men who were depressed anytime in their life may suffer from shrinkage of the hippocampus because stress or depression causes the death of brain cells. People suffering from depression, also suffer from erectile dysfunction because these are interrelated conditions.

People with high depression levels have lower testosterone levels. Clinical trial shows - Men who are feeling down may undoubtedly have low libido and may be less active physically. Some researcher also speculates the condition of depression and low testosterone can increase the risk of diabetes and accelerate aging because it initiates the rise in cortisol levels. Further, synthetic cures for depression - anti depressants have side effects which can cause erectile issues and hence, it is advised to take natural ways to achieve rock hard erections to improve sex life.

Weight loss, avoiding smoking or chemical medicines, enhancing exposure to sunlight and taking cures to boost serotonin can help in fighting the causes of ED. Herbal ways offered by Mast Mood capsules and Mast Mood oil together, provides phyto nutrients to enrich body tissues and get rid of weaknesses. The ingredient Asphaltum Punjabinum can be found in the capsules which was tested on 75 men in the age from 45 to 55, and it was found that the intake of 500 mg per kg of the extract for 90 days was able to increase the total testosterone levels by more than 20 percent and there was an increase in 19 percent of the free testosterone after three months regular intake of Asphaltum Punjabinum.

Lauh bhasma is another ingredient in the capsule which can increase the hemoglobin levels and lower bilirubins. It is a fat burner which can get rid of fat deposits, weight gain and obesity to improve sex life. The minerals in the bhasma are in bio available form and work as digestive stimulant. It is recommended in Ayurveda to cure disease of muscles, spleen, liver, heart and abdomen. It is also effective against restlessness, fatigue and general debility. People suffering from infections in the abdomen are benefited by taking the preparation Lauh bhasma, which contains herb Embelia Ribes extract to cure ulcers in the digestive tract.

Herbal oil massage relaxes the tissues - soft muscle of the organ and gets rid of tension, knots or infections to enhance tensile strength of the connective tissues. The regulated application of oil massage can get rid of the problem of venous leakage from the male organ and the herbs can provide nutrients to the tissues to enhance nitric oxide levels. These natural ways to achieve rock hard erections offered by the cures - Mast Mood capsules and Mast Mood oil provide the best ways to people who can't keep erection as the use of herbs and massage allows people to connect with the partner and bond in a better way.

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