Old Age Homes in Hyderabad | Best elderly care homes in Hyderabad

Rise in the number of old age homes shows that Indian society is changing

Luxurious lifestyle, availability and affordability of medical facilities increase average life expectancy in India. Demographics of the Indian society indicate that there are more than 120 Million senior citizens in India, and the number is expected to touch 300 Million marks by 2050. It means that 20 percent of the Indian population will be in the elderly age group. In the Indian society, elderly people are always treated with respect. They are considered a treasure for the family and everyone wants to be benefitted by their experience.

Till very recent times, keeping senior members of the family in an old age home was the most disheartening decision.  It was considered the last resort for helpless people.  However, the situation is changing rapidly.  A large number of people are choosing the option of staying there voluntarily.  There has been a phenomenal increase in the living standard and facilities of old age homes in the recent years. Due to the top-notch facilities, living there is not less than spending a vacation in a comfy resort. Good quality Old age homes in Hyderabad are one of the best in the country.

It is a place that offers security, warmth and company!

As the number of people choosing old age homes as the abode, quality of life increases proportionately there. Particularly, in big cities the change is quite visible. Studies show that Old age homes in Hyderabad are not inferior to luxurious hotels and resorts. Undoubtedly, the charges are high, but the quality of life is just great.  The premises are spacious, neatly maintained and well-furnished. They are well-equipped with recreational facilities, medical assistance, and health and fitness. Not only physical fitness, but mental fitness is also taken care of by providing Yoga and meditation opportunities, Reiki and spiritual healing, etc.  Non-conventional therapies like Acupressure or Acupuncture are also taught in some places. High-profile homes offer Swimming, Gymnasium, and Spa as well.

Stringent norms keep them a safe place for elderly people

It is estimated that more than 25 percent of the elderly people face abuse of some kind or the other.  There are multiple dimensions of it. There are multiple reasons behind it ranging from the disrespect and negligence to verbal or physical abuse. Generation gap, physical or mental problems, financial issues and attitudinal problems are to name the few.  In light of the fact mentioned above, the question of safety and security in old age homes becomes further important. There is an enhanced responsibility of people working there.

It is possible to the sympathetic attitude of the government of India towards the welfare of the senior citizens. They occupy a large chunk of the population distribution pie chart.  It is big responsibility and duty of the government to offer a respectful life to them.  Hence, the government has changed the rules and regulations about the facilities and infrastructural requirements. Process violations or non-compliance has serious consequence. Top-notch Old age homes in Hyderabad are transparent and fair in all means. They offer a comfy and luxurious lifestyle to the residents.

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