Ovarian Induction Treatment in India

Women today experience changes in their bodies that are sometimes unexplainable. There are times when she smiles like as if she won’t stop then times when she’s moody and you can even become afraid. This can be at times due to the female reproductive cycle or menstruation cycle. A woman is supposed to ovulate each month and the days may differ from one woman to another. Some have long and others short cycles.

Many women today face what we call PCOD or Polycystic ovarian disease.  This is brought about by the hormone imbalance of progesterone and estrogen. This ovulatory dysfunction is so common among reproductive age group in women. So ovulation induction treatment is given to bring new ovarian follicles.

Should I go in for an ovarian induction treatment?

  • Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS can go in for an ovarian induction treatment.
  • Those with irregular ovulation and those who can’t ovulate on their own can also get this treatment. It is advisable that a doctor or specialist has to first examine you and take on the medication when necessary.

Issues of PCOS in women

The clear cause of this problem has not been ascertained but the below issues can associated with the problem;

  1. Women with depression and mood disorders normally get this problem. Psychological problems normally affect androgen production and metabolism.
  2. Excessive caffeine intake, smoking and alcohol consumption are also highlighted in this issue.
  3. Excessive weight. Women who are overweight or obese are advised to work on their weight and after maintaining it for a long term

Ovarian Induction Treatment

The medication for PCOS is available for the right patients. This calls for a doctor’s diagnosis for the disease and start on treatment. The treatment includes;

  • Hormone Injections can be administered into a woman in order to stimulate new follicle development in the ovary and this increases the eggs ovulated.
  • Oral medication can also be given to women who do not ovulate on their own. This also helps in the development of new follicles.
  • Weight loss is another way to handle this problem. Exercise regularly and calorie intake should be highly regulated. Patients have to maintain the new weight for a long time even during pregnancies.
  • Women should also work on their lifestyle habits, caffeine, smoking and alcohol should be stopped. In most cases if a woman smokes or is an alcoholic it worries a lot since such behaviors are more associated with men.

Generally women have to be cautious of their life styles and behaviors since they are termed as mothers. Extra care and concern for the body has to be a priority whereby you seek medical attention in case of any new feeling and change in the body before the situation turns worse.


Ovarian treatment in India is one of the treatments given to tackle infertility in women. Medications can be given but the first step and best option is to maintain a good lifestyle and way of living since being a woman is more than just having a womanly figure.