Poodle buyers and breeders

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Although the ancestry of the poodle is quite controversial, the French are mainly credited for the origin of the poodle. Poodles seem to be descendants of the French Barbet, which used to be a water dog.

Poodles just love water and once upon a time were used as gun dogs that used to retrieve water fowl on land and in water. It got its name “Poodle” from the Pudelhund or German Pudel, which means splashing dog or splashing. The word “Poodle” is associated with the English word puddle. A French poodle breeder is given credit for successful breeding of these dogs in all the three sizes known as the Standard, Toy or miniature.

The fur clip types noticed on poodle in competition originated to lessen the fur weight while protecting the joints from cold water. The rear half of the dog is shaved with soft fur rings left around the lower legs, part of the hips and part of the tail. The head fur is styled and dressed into a pompadour, which makes the Poodle look imperious and lovely. The English saddle and continental pet clips are complex and needed in American Kennel Club Competition. The outlook of the poodle makes it an intimidating competitor.

Competition poodles may have any nice color; nonetheless, the American Kennel Club (AKC) doesn’t permit poodles with partial or multi-colored fur to compete. All the three sizes of poodle puppies for adoption compete if their size requirements are met. All of them have similar traits but vary in weight and height.

Miniature poodles are 15 to 17 pounds and 11 to 15 inches in height at the shoulder. Toy poodles are 6 to 9 pounds and up to 10 inches at the shoulder, and the standard poodles are 45 to 70 pounds and over 15 inches at the shoulder. A poodle breeder should ensure that the competition poodles reflect all the AKC breed standard features. Instances of these traits necessary are: oval feet, dark eyes, alert, sensitive muzzle, straight, graceful bearing, intelligence, high activity level and dense fur. The fur of the poodle is either corded or curly and is hypoallergenic to most people.

Before looking for affordable poodle puppies for sale, possible buyers should research about the breed and figure out all the history and poodle related information they can. After noticing common health issues of the poodle and the necessities of taking better care for a poodle, purchasers can decide if their home is a good match for a poodle. Buyers can then start looking for the local Poodle rescue centers and breeders. Buyers should only look for breeders with references or AKC certified breeders, and must interview the poodle breeders before buying the poodle. By following these steps, the buyers will be able to clear all their queries and also avoid the illegitimate poodle breeders.

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