Recall your memories with Date and Time by auto stamper for photo

Early days, the quality of camera phones was very low and poor. But nowadays they become more smarter because this advance technology which improve day by day.. Now every second person has their own smartphone. This is the thing behind fast growing numbers of smartphone's users. Now peoples realized that how smartphones are effective. In recent research the thing come out that, average more them 900 million camera phone in past years and it is still growing. Now every photographer or other peoples who are actually interested in photography is mostly preferred camera phones for click photos.

A smartphone can be used as an either mobile photography or experience some amazing music or some work related activities. Except photography user can browse on the internet as download some interesting things. The mobile phone is a single device that gives all these facilities in one. There camera phones Fulfill other all requirements apart from its stylish looks. Camera phones are the best source with multi-shot photo options and effects and high quality video capturing capabilities. Mobile phone gives the option to click pictures in landscape mode to full screen. Smartphones also give facility to share your photo online on social media websites in just a few clicks. You can experience more exciting about your photography by sharing them on social websites. The mobile phone is now the best tool to thorough that you can download lots of things like wallpaper, screen server, themes, ringtone, application, games etc.

People who are really interested in mobile photography, they want only get a chance to capture the perfect shot about what happen around them. But people most of time disappointed to find their memories are not well captured as they expected. This things most frustrated when we can’t recapture it. This is where developers need to develop and launches different photography application to produce better and appropriate results. All applications come with different purpose and different features. These applications always put some extraordinary effect in your photo which fulfill user’s requirements and make the photo stand out in a crowd. The photo application is free of cost and less memory used in the smartphone because of this two factors peoples are used app for photography. Apart from adding effect on the photo, there are many other photo stamper applications available in the market. Through this application user can customize different stamps.

If talk about the best photo stamper application for photo Auto stamper for photo is one of them. This application is most popular in the photography field because it has lots of happy users who are really satisfied with the result of this app. Auto stamper for photo app is best free Android/iOS application which is used to add custom stamp on the photo. Through this application user create own stamps for their photos.

The auto stamper application has a feature named "Auto date and time Stamp". User can add the current date and time on the photo while capture. It is really hard to remember every moment with an exact date and time for people and it make them frustrated when they recall that moments. This is the reason to provide you feature like date and time stamp. User can easily add original date and time in photo to remember it for lifelong. In just a few clicks, you can stamp images with date and time.

User can edit the stamp with different function which are provided by auto stamper for photo application. A feature like "user of default camera", user can use their smartphone's inbuilt camera for capture images with Date and Time stamp. "Different font format", User can customize stamp text with different style and size. "Different stamp color", user can add a different color combination for a stamp as per their background pictures. "Various Stamp positions", user can add stamp anywhere in photo like top, bottom, left, right. Through this option user can design their own stamp.

All you have to do it to add date and time stamp on a picture, first install an application from Google play store, open it in your device, manually set the options like stamp formats, Stamp fonts, stamp positions, stamp colors. Then close application, now captured photo with your smartphone inbuilt camera, after clicking the photo you can see date and time stamp automatically add to your photo.

So if you want to make your happy moments memorable with its original Date and Time then download Auto stamper for photo application now. This application available on both Google play store and app Store. Try this app and make your pictures memorable for life long.