SAP MM Certification

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sap mm certification
SAP MM Certification  - What is SAP MM? Find out what SAP MM module does and how it can be used to transform your business.   Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is big business. The main beneficiaries of this booming business are the implementation contractors/consultants who earn huge paychecks, the client organizations which reap the many advantages of software integration and the end users who benefit from simple user interfaces. SAP is the leader in the ERP software industry. It is therefore in order that obtaining SAP Certification remains the number one goal of many people. SAP ERP is very broad; encompassing several different modules. You can choose to obtain certification in any module depending on your strengths and interests. SAP MM (Materials Management) is one such module that you can choose to obtain certification.   SAP MM (Materials Management/Logistics Materials Management) is one of the most important modules under SAP ERP especially to businesses that are inventory-intensive or those that handle a lot of procurement. SAP MM facilitates several business processes in an organization such as establishing vendor master and material master data, consumption based planning, purchasing or procurement, inventory management, evaluation of materials and invoice verification. SAP MM is integrated to other SAP ERP modules such as SAP Sales and Distribution, SAP Production Planning, SAP Asset Management and SAP Quality Management.   There are various SAP MM Certification examinations for prospective consultants wishing to be proficient in SAP MM implementation and customization. SAP Education administers different Certification levels: Associate, Professional and Master Certification levels. The Associate SAP MM Certification level will demonstrate your broad proficiency is SAP MM. The Professional SAP MM Certification level shows that you are a notch higher in the SAP world and that you have a detailed understanding of SAP MM solutions.   The Master SAP MM Certification level, which is still being developed by SAP Education would demonstrate your sheer aptitude in SAP MM to the point of dealing with any technical and business requirements as far as the SAP MM module is concerned. Each certification is given a unique name. For example, SAP MM Certification for the first level is called SAP Certified Application Associate- Procurement with SAP ERP 6.0 ERP EHP4 and so on. The SAP MM Certification syllabus has different topics. Each topic is designed to equip you with certain competencies; with certain competencies being given more weight than others. As such, a certain weighting scale is used to highlight the significance of each topic. It is therefore imperative for you to distribute your time to the topics according to their overall importance. This is what is referred to as smart reading and will certainly go a long way in helping you obtain your certification.   At the end of the day, SAP is all about providing industry solutions according to best practices. As you would expect, the syllabus will often be skewed towards addressing the most pressing challenges that customers face in the real world. Selection of appropriate vendors, management of information, anticipation of demand, time optimization and consistency of product quality are some of the problems that most businesses in the real world face. When you prepare for SAP MM Certification exams with this in mind, you are certainly destined to pass. SAP ERP has many modules. These modules (such as SAP MM) also have sub modules or components. To obtain SAP MM Certification, you must be entirely familiar with the different components under SAP MM. the sub modules under SAP MM include: Consumption Based Planning (MM-CBP), Purchasing (MM-PUR), External Service Management (MM-SRV), Inventory Management (MM-IM), Logistic Invoice Verification (MM-IV) and Vendor Evaluation Management. All these components have underlying aspects. Most formal course packages clearly detail all these aspects.   For those of you in United States of America, Canada, Australia and Europe, you are not required to fulfill any special requirements before enrolling for SAP MM Certification. You will just need to pay for the prevailing registration fee. If you however come from the Asia-Pacific region, there are certain requirements that you will need to fulfill before being enrolled for SAP MM Certification in addition to paying the prevailing registration fees. You will need to have at least one year of SAP implementation experience in order to sit for the associate level certification without attending any SAP course. Alternatively, you may be allowed to sit for the SAP MM Certification paper provided you have 2 years of support experience in SAP environments with a minimum of 6 months experience in SAP MM module. In both scenarios however, you must still be under an employment contract with your employer who should be a SAP partner or a SAP customer. How To Excel In SAP MM Certification Exams  There are a number of SAP ERP modules to choose from. You should therefore not just pick SAP MM for the sake of it. You should choose it only if you have a burning desire or interest in learning it and knowing how to successfully implement in any business organization. Once you have settled on SAP MM over other SAP ERP modules, you should proceed to enroll in a formal SAP MM training. Formal training will give you the best exposure in terms of fully grasping what you will face during the examination day. You can always augment this formal training with Internet tutorials, books and other auxiliary programs. On the actual examination day, give it your best shot and pay close attention to how the questions are worded before looking at the options.   Last Words Concerning SAP MM Certification  There has been a meteoric rise in service based organizations in the recent years. This has made people question the position of the traditional manufacturing organizations. However, the position of most manufacturing organizations remains solid considering their importance. There will always be a demand for certified SAP MM consultants to tackle concerns on value addition, quality and efficiency. The rewards of being a SAP MM consultant are magnificent. SAP MM Certification is certainly not an option if you want to succeed in the world of SAP MM.