Simple tips while choosing your Compare Car Insurance

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You just realized your Compare Car Insurance has lapsed and you’re absolutely clueless what has to be done next.  Travelling, unwell, hospital visits, completely agreed but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re now uncovered.  And in India, you cannot take your vehicle out for drive unless you’re suitably covered at least a third party insurance. So, it is important to buy a suitable Compare Car Insurance. Secondly, if at all you drive your motor and where to meet an unfortunate incidence there’ll be a big hole in your pocket. So, here are a few tips to consider while buying or renewing your Compare Car Insurance:

Zero In

Online sites are a great tool to compare policies of various companies under a single umbrella. You can compare them in terms of benefit and features, discounts & deals, premium payment and claim procedures, etc. These comparison sites let you compare policies with the most competent premium being offered for your vehicle’s make and age. 

Claim Settlement

It is another crucial step you need to monitor while having insurance comparison. While checking the quotes carefully, understand the claim settlement process of various motor insurance companies, in case of accidents. Go for the policies purchase that offer online claim settlement in case of damage to the vehicle. Also check for the availability of the repairing and servicing centers made available from the insurer.

Vehicle survey

Once you finalize the company you want to insure your vehicle with, you should set up a time at the earliest for the company to come and survey your motor vehicle. You must follow up aggressively and get the inspection done immediately, as it will take around 3 to 5 days for the clearances on your vehicle.

Policy Purchase/Renewal

Once the survey is done the motor  insurance policy can be purchased. Inspections are valid for 24 hours, hence you need to buy the policy within that time period. Nowadays, with online purchase or renewal you can get instant motor insurance coverage for your vehicle.

No Claim Bonus

Every time you complete your car insurance year without a single claim you’re rewarded with No Claim Bonus points. You can redeem the points against the claim amount or premium reductions. So check and see if you can avail of this benefit. If yes, then the discount will be deducted from your premium and you have to pay less for the current year. It is advisable, don’t claim for petty scratches or dent, instead accumulate your bonus points and go for higher claim or discounts

When to Migrate 

If at all you wish to change your service provider, not that some insurers charge a fee for breaking a policy mid-term. So, check if you have significant savings in the new policy only then take an initiative to migrate to new Compare Car Insurance and opt for renewal. If you decide to switch, see if you have enough time for the new policy to take effect and then cancel the existing policy. Driving an uninsured motor is like walking on a tight rope between two steep cliffs. Not only do you pose a risk to your motor vehicle that you’ve purchased with your hard earned money but also, you stand a risk to lose a lot even in terms of premium.

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