Small Business ERP Software: Time to Make a Change?

Does your business need to replace its existing ERP software? There are many small businesses which start by using a very standard and straightforward accounting software which they can purchase with a single online subscription. However, when their business expands, they began to face many difficulties in managing all of their valuable information and other business processes. The owners of small and medium-sized business analyzed that they spent most of their time entering that information and data to spreadsheets, and transferring that data from spreadsheets to their accounting software. Investment is a highly important factor for the future of your organization, but still many business stakeholders are unaware of when to push their small business to ERP software.

A survey took place, investigating the goals, statuses, and challenges being faced by the small business sector. That survey received more than 400 responses from different sized companies, and some of the companies were the ones having less than 100 employees. The study results considered the facts to replace those companies ERP software with the following needs.

  1. Expansions and consolidations.
  2. Use of old technology.
  3. Insufficient current tools.
  4. Functionality lacking to support their business needs.

If your company ERP software is having any of these challenges, then now is the right time to make changes. If you are the owner of a small business and having trouble in finding the inadequacies of your ERP business software, then you may contact THIRD WAVE BUSINESS SYSTEMS (TWBS). They will guide and advise you of the best solutions for your ERP software. TWBS can also help you in customizing ERP software for any size of business.

How can a SAP Business One help your business? Let us discuss it in more detail.

·         COMPLETE BUSINESS PACKAGE: It contains all of the necessary functions which are required for your business like operations, sales, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, marketing services and more. You should consider SAP Business One which provides your business with complete visibility and better controls to run end-to-end processes professionally.

·         INTEGRATION AND OTHER LINKING FEATURES: Now that times have changed, business functions are now available in packages. That can make your business very easy to set up and optimize. You also can integrate it with other possible options.

·         EXTENSIBILITY: Flexibility measured in those platforms have many localizations with many different languages for the growth of their business. They provide many features to their customers.

·         REAL-TIME DATA ANALYTICS: The best practices of ERP software offers easy access which can be operated by the stakeholders on their mobile devices, where they can track any changes happening with their business process.

·         AFFORDABLE ERP SOFTWARE: Side out the things which have no importance or which are no longer needed for your business. Go for the implementation of a starter pack which fulfills all of your requirements. It will be low in cost, but will include all of the necessary required details of your business.


By following all the ways offered, you can go straight out in your small business by using ERP software. This is the information which we hope will help you in making decisions for your business ERP software. We will bring more details related to the ERP software in the future. Keep following us; we will get back to you again very soon.