Something Extra Special

Whether you're a man or woman, if you have an eye for beauty then you will love this stunning range of meteorite rings. Meteorite rings are designed from pieces of rock fallen from the universe, otherwise known as shooting stars. They offer the opportunity to wear a real life fallen star on your hand, allowing you to enjoy a stunning masterpiece for decades to come.


There is a huge range of these stunning meteorite rings, including meteorite with titanium, black meteorite and meteorite engagement rings. They will literally wear well to any event, complimenting any outfit. They are also available in a range of stunning designs and finishes, meaning your ring really will be as unique as you are. Options include tree bark or cross satin finish, amongst many others.


Meteorite rings with titanium gleam for all to see. They look stunning and will last a lifetime. You can choose to add diamonds or other precious stones if you wish, and you can also choose for personalized engraving for your precious item too.


Another beautiful option of ladies jewelry, is women's antler rings. These are the perfect choice for ladies who have a passion for the outdoors. Ladies who feel at one with nature, and perhaps even enjoy taking part in or following hunting. Women's antler rings are, again, available in a multitude of styles to ensure you can find the perfect ring to suit your personality and your tastes.


Women's antler rings ( made from high grade titanium with an inner layer of antler. The antler is then covered with a protective layer to ensure your precious ring doesn't get scratched or ruined. You want your women's antler ring to fit into your lifestyle, not worry every time you wear it that it may get ruined.


You can also choose to have your women's antler rings in cobalt, 14k gold, black zirconium or Damascus steel. Find the right metal to suit your tastes and requirements. You can then choose from different finishes and designs, including varying widths, high polish, bevelled edges and more.


If you or your other half is a hunter, you could even choose to put your own catch into your ring. Simply send your antler and create your own bespoke women's antler ring. You can then wear your hunt with pride and tell people of your skill when your precious item is complimented. Again, you can choose to have personalized engraving on your item if you so desire.


The Jewelry Source is a professional jewelry store and jewelry maker, based here in the USA which specializes in both meteorite rings and women's antler rings. The Jewelry Source has a high reputation for both high quality products and excellent customer service, meaning you can shop online with complete peace of mind.


Due to the fact that The Jewelry Source has manufacturers based here, it means you are able to completely personalize your item to your exact specifications, without losing quality.


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