Speed Dating – Everything That You Need To Know

The Concept -

Speed dating is fast catching the trend across the US. Dated back to 1998 LA, it was initially started by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo with the intension to create romantic bonding among Jewish single men and women. The idea was simple. Men and women of equal number and of almost same age group get together in a venue where the men are allowed to converse with each lady for a few minutes. Both the parties keep a note of who catches their fantasy for further interaction. Later, the mutual couples exchange their contact information to carry forward their meeting into more meaningful relationship.

Is It Fun?

Speed dating in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, DMV and other American States have turn out to be whale of a time for a lot of singles who were seeking passionate relationships. In such type of interactions one not only gets an opportunity to make candid conversations but as well to meet up a number of personalities that they would have not otherwise met. On top of it, soothing music, drinks and relaxed ambience make the entire event even more enticing.  So, it is obvious that speed dating can never be monotonic and lonesome. 

What Difference It Has With Online Dating?

Speed dating in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC or in any other location, are quite different from all the other types of dating, specially online. Unlike in online dating, here no one will judge you for trifle things. In speed dating, no one will scan your habits or personality. Two different individuals who are in look for idealistic relationship speak face to face for a few minutes. If it hits, good they can carry forward and if “no” then also they can move over. It is as simple as getting connected with the person you find most comfortable with.

The thing is you need not worry much about what will be the consequences or what will others think. If you are still single and ready to mingle, simply walk into the speed dating events in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC or DMV and experience for yourself what is the buzz all about?