Top Tips on How to Wear a Jumpsuit

There is nothing more comfortable, flattering and versatile than a jumpsuit, particularly for the plus sized gal. No need to worry about that irritating thigh chafe, finding the right tights, or an unruly breeze lifting your skirt at the wrong moment. The jumpsuit is an instant outfit: all you have to do is add the right accessories and you’re ready to go! With than in mind, here are a few plus size fashion top tips on how to wear a jumpsuit to a wedding this summer:

Pick the Right Fabric

Jumpsuits are perfect for weddings no matter how formal, provided you choose the right fabric and pattern. This is no time for ditzy florals, and anything made of cotton or denim should stay at home! Instead look for a jumpsuit made of silk, silk jersey, or slinky stretch polyester: these are all fabrics that look and feel luxe. Block, solid colours (such as black, grey, red, or a lovely bold pink) are easier to accessorize than patterns, and they also feel more formal and better suited to the occasion too.

Choose Oversized Accessories

Plus size women can carry off oversized accessories much more easily than their slimmer counterparts, so take advantage of this by pairing your jumpsuit with a beautiful oversized statement necklace. Opt for a long line necklace to elongate your body, or a shorter choker-style necklace to draw attention to your bust. This is also a great way to inject colour and detail into your outfit with minimal effort: simply through on a necklace and go!

Get the Right Fit

One of the most important things when choosing plus size jumpsuits for a special occasion, such as a wedding, is that it fits well and feels comfortable. The key is to ensure your suit isn’t too tight  but a jumpsuit that is too baggy could make you look bulky and hide your curves. Ideally, your jumpsuit should cinch in your natural waist whilst fitting more loosely in the legs: if you’re self-conscious about your stomach then look for a jumpsuit with a waist tie which you can adjust to suit your shape.

Add Statement Heels

There are very few outfits that can’t be improved by adding a pair of killer statement heels, and that is certainly true of the formal jumpsuit. High top heels are easier to walk in than stilettos and will add balance to fuller legs. If you’ve opted for a sleek black jumpsuit then choose heels in a vibrant contrasting shade to inject a flash of colour into your outfit. Coordinate your heels with your clutch or handbag for a sleek, well put together look that oozes class and style.