What Is Endpoint Security Software?

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In a perfect world, you would not need to worry about cyber thieves working tirelessly to hack into your business network to steal your data, but you don’t live in a perfect world. Cyber security risks are the greatest threat to businesses and, as alleged in the end of 2016, the nation’s political landscape. Endpoint security software adds a layer of protection over your firewall and viral and malware detection software. This helps prevent you and your customers from becoming the victims of a cyber attack.

What Is an Endpoint Attack?

An end point attack is when a hacker finds a vulnerable place or gap in your traditional security tools. These tools use signature-based defense systems to protect you. The problem is, skilled hackers know how to bypass these defenses easily and will do so in a matter of minutes. Once they take advantage of your gap, they’ve just infiltrated your system and they can begin their work in accessing your data, which as Target found out a few years ago, might include your customers’ banking information and security codes.

You need end point security that can shut the attack down the second the breach is committed. This means you need endpoint security software that has instantons threat detection. When a threat is detected right away, the software will update your endpoints automatically to prevent further access to your network. The compromise will also be isolated, which will cut the hacker’s access to your system and, hopefully, identify from where the breach came.

Other Ways End Point Security Helps

Your end point software can also identify unknown threats to all your endpoints. It will collect data that experts can ****yze to determine where you have been or might be breached. With this info on hand, IT techs can design custom IOCs to prevent future attacks, which restores your and customer’s faith in your network system. Additional guards will also detect better any future exploitation while it’s in progress, which is crucial to maintaining your cyber security.

Why This Is So Important

Keeping your customer data secure isn’t the only reason why endpoint security software is so important. You must protect your data as well. Many businesses have confidential information stored on their networks, including employee and proprietary data. You must protect your employee’s personal information as much as you protect your customers’ data, and you do not want your company secrets in the hands of anyone without proper security clearance.

Don’t attempt to secure your networks on your own, and don’t invest in do-it-yourself security software. This approach leaves you open to cyber attacks, and once you’ve been attacked, the hacker can easily continue to reside in your network without you knowing it. It’s better to work with a professional company that is expert in cyber security, including your end user firewalls. This reduces your vulnerability to one of the most common crimes.

Work with an expert company to secure, upload and run your endpoint security software. You’ll be able to move forward in your business operations confident you, your employees and your customers are secure.