What IS HIFU and What Does It Do?

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Learning about different types of medical treatments is only fun when you or a loved one do not need to have that treatment. Unfortunately, most people do not think to research treatments for something that does not directly affect them, so you will probably put off researching HIFU until it is needed. High intensity focus ultrasound is a treatment which consists of using the precise focusing of sound waves to target cancer. HIFU for prostate cancer treatment is considered minimally invasive and has a relatively high success rate. When you are looking into this type of treatment, it is a good idea to find a clinic which specializes in not only treating prostate cancer, but also one with experience in HIFU.

HIFU is a Prostate Cancer Treatment

HIFU for prostate cancer is used by urologists in cases where it is likely to have the best effect. This doesn’t always mean that it will be entirely effective for your case, however, and it is always good to go over the details with your physician. During this treatment, a urologist will target the cancer cells with these focused sound waves to excite them and create heat. The heat will then destroy the cancer cells, allowing you to recover more easily. In addition to diagnosing you with cancer, and suggesting treatment options, a urologist can also answer questions that you may have about the procedure and your expected recovery time.

Where Can You Get HIFU?

With seemingly steady gains in technology and techniques used to treat some types of cancer, you can research the newest treatments available and usually find a doctor who uses those techniques in your area. HIFU prostate treatment is offered by select urologists who have the training, experience and access to equipment necessary. To find the treatment near you, it is a good idea to search online for those who offer it in your area. You can then narrow down your list by referrals from your primary care physician and your insurance company. The final step to finding the treatment that you are looking for will be to research the different doctors and clinics to find the one with the best reputation.

When you or a loved one are diagnosed with cancer, it can be difficult to think about all of the different aspects which can go into the healing process. Not only will you have the cancer treatment itself, but you will probably have a modified diet and activity schedule. HIFU prostate cancer treatment uses focused ultrasound to help kill cancer cells through heat. It is minimally invasive and usually results in shorter recovery times. You can find this treatment type at various urology clinics and even have the opportunity to find a physician who offers it by researching the best places to get cancer treatment in your area. Urologists can help you through some of the darkest times in your life with HIFU and other treatments, so it is a good idea to research the various clinics and doctors available to you in order to get the best care possible.