Why the Race Glove Is an Important Part of Your Racing Gear

It might make more sense to ensure you have a quality race glove if you race motorcycles rather than cars, but the importance of them in car racing is just as critical. Even though your hands are inside a vehicle, they are still at risk for serious harm should your crash during your race. This is one of many reasons why gloves are important of any racing gear. Here are more.

Reduces Sweat on the Steering Wheel

Even if you’re driving in a quick stock car race, your hands get sweaty. Racing gloves prevent the sweat from getting on the wheel and thereby reduce the risk of you losing your grip during crucial and difficult turns. You must have a solid grasp of your race car’s turning element at all times, and if your palms are sweaty because of nervousness, heat, the duration of the race or any other reason, you’ve just lost that hand traction.

A race glove is designed to improve the grasp you have on your steering wheel, which increases your safety while you’re on the track. When you have better control of your car, you reduce the risk of slipping and sliding and increase your chances of steering your way out of a slide should your wheels lose traction. If you can maintain or regain the control of your vehicle, you’ve just managed to avoid a devastating accident, hopefully, and this is one reason why your racing gloves are so important.

Protection from Heat and Other Dangers

Another reason you should protect your hands even though they’ll be inside your car is the inside of your vehicle gets extremely hot during a long race. In some cases, the inside of a racecar can reach well above 100 degrees, and the gloves can help protect your skin against this unruly temperature. You also want to prevent burns, cuts and scrapes from inside the car and if you are involved in an accident. Your entire racing gear is designed to prevent you from being harmed should you crash, and this includes protection from road burns and minor fires.

They’re Also Stylish

Of course, a race glove isn’t all about protection. You need to look good behind the wheel and your gloves are part of your overall appearance. Finding gloves that are durable and look good give you the confidence you need to win that race. There are many manufacturers from which to choose, so pick the racing suit that makes you look and feel your best, and then purchase matching gloves to add the final protective and fashionable touch.

When looking for a dealer, work with a vendor that handles a vast supply of racecar wear from numerous manufacturers so you have a broad selection. This way, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. The vendor should also be experienced in racing gear and provide excellent customer service so you know any questions you may have will be answered. Finally, make certain to select a race glove that fits properly so reap all of the protection this race wear provides.