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Insurance is the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another in exchange for payment. It is a form of risk management primarily used to hedgeagainst the risk of a contingent, uncertain loss. An insurer, or insurance carrier, is selling the insurance; the insured, or policyholder, is the person or entity buying the insurance policy. The amount of money to be charged for a certain amount of insurance coverage is called the premium. Risk management, the practice of appraisingand controlling risk, has evolved as a discrete field of study and practice.

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Not only cost of buying car is increasing every year but cost of car insurance is also rising in India. From the perspective of building a financial asset a car is not something like that. The value of the car depreciates every year and with depreciating value the IDV of the car also decreases. The premium that you pay towards buying car insurance depends on the IDV of the car. Since a car policy is not something that is an asset so while buying car policy in India we should always look at ways to save money on premium every time.

Why buy a Term Plans cover?

All insurance firms across India sell Term Plans to the customers. The rates are competitively low and often prove beneficial to the end users. So, it really doesn’t matter which company you take the cover from. Based on your relation with the sales agents and prior experience with the insurance firm, you can choose to buy your term plans.  Nowadays, you can buy policies online and save up to 30 to 40% on the costs of premiums.

Home Insurance Palm Desert - Compare Home Insurance

Doug Motz is here to help you to remember the significance of protection to make your lives sheltered and secure. The protection should be possible for everything which is valuable. We have an affair of 30 years in giving protection to you. You can benefit our renters insurance in Rancho Mirage in LaQuinta to keep your home safe. There is an extensive variety of protection scope that we provide for our dear clients. You can without much of a stretch get your quote today by reaching us through our online address.

Compare Term Insurance - Term Insurance Singapore

A all one born day level of economic security guaranteed by government policy pays unsound a concurred whole ball of wax for the close but no cigar part lurking as the be-all and end-all expected in tenacious situations. The entirety guaranteed a continuance protection policy is approaching to execute in what is coming to one order concerning your monetary needs and in basic principle your wards in action of your here today gone tomorrow or incapacity. Consequently, life precaution offers monetary scope or security against these dangers.

Life Insurance as an Investment Tool

Life insurance offers financial coverage or protection against the risks. Now day’s extraordinary growth of life insurance gives bright future. Insurance is not only for rich man. A life insurance policy pays out an agreed amount usually referred to as the sum assured under certain circumstances. Generally, due to its lifetime insurance, universal life generally has higher premium payments than term. Life Insurance is the most excellent way to save you and your loved one's future and present.

Quicken Windows 2014 to Quicken Windows 2017

Using Quicken is the best way of achieving financial stability, especially if you are recently suffering from inflation. The best way of inflation management is finding a good system that can help you in the most systematic way. In this regard, you can take Quicken under consideration. This software comes with many advanced benefits as well as features. You need to check those features carefully and then you have to go for the most systematic method for managing your budget. With Quicken, you may find some errors. They can happen due to software incompatibility.

Secure your mind and future with a life insurance plan

Money can’t buy happiness but it can certainly buy the tools that will secure the future of your loved ones. During college days, you were free from any form of financial burden. You parents used to take care of your college fees, pocket money, and other financial needs. Your life was all about chilling with friends. However, now that you have a good job, a new world of responsibilities will open up for you. Although supporting your parents will be on your top list, it’s another aspect that you should now be training your sights on. 

Importance of life insurance policy

Life insurance is a contract with the insurance company wherein the policyholder pays premiums at regular intervals and in return, the insurance company pays a lump sum amount on the policyholder’s death. This money is given to the beneficiaries of the policyholder which includes spouse, children and parents.

Homeowners Insurance - Indio CA & Palm Desert CA

Dougmotz is a great hang something on helping tribe mutually amazing benefits as savor President of Douglas Motz Insurance Agency and owns 29 ages go through in the precaution business. They have stared the buffer office in the Palm Springs angle for greater than 40 years after has a head start period. The moderator followed his father’s cuisine steps and directed his anthropoid buffer agency by the whole of the Palm Desert around 29 years ago. They cut back be contacted for Long-Term Care insurance in Indian wells and by areas.

Who Buy Traditional Endowment Policy

A traditional endowment policy is a life insurance contract designed to pay a lump sum after a specified term (on its 'maturity') or on earlier death. Typical maturities are ten, fifteen or twenty years up to a certain age limit. Some policies also pay out in the case of critical illness.

Policies are typically traditional with-profits or unit-linked (including those with unitised with-profits funds).


The overall process of buying car insurance policy offline is always tiring process. A  lot many plans and a lot many features make is more difficult for a layman to understand and decipher the plan which can make more sense to someone. Other risk associated with buying a car insurance policy offline is that in most of the cases you are persuaded by your advisor or broker to buy plans which actually can help them earn a higher commission.

How to claim tax benefit on term insurance plans?

Technically speaking when somebody is looking for financial security of their dependent , life insurance plans are the most effective solution for it.But there are different alternatives which are available today in the life insurance space out of which term insurance plans are most effective, efficient and the cheapest way to handle the issues relating to financial security.


Simple tips while choosing Car insurance online India

You just realized your Car insurance online India has lapsed and you’re absolutely clueless what has to be done next.  Travelling, unwell, hospital visits, completely agreed but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re now uncovered.  And in India, you cannot take your vehicle out for drive unless you’re suitably covered at least a third party insurance. So, it is important to buy a suitable Car insurance online India. Secondly, if at all you drive your motor and where to meet an unfortunate incidence there’ll be a big hole in your pocket.


Lapsing of a term insurance policy can have serious aftermaths on your total insurance portfolio. This can also create a financial imbalance in your financial plan leading to heavy cost being paid for financial security. We all know that a term insurance plan bought at an early age can be quite beneficial and cheaper but if at an older age the policy lapses you always need to pay an extra cost for the same amount of cover and might not even get all the benefits of the cover as you have a grown older.

How can online comparison of car insurance help you save a lot of money?

With the disruption of Internet in India , customers not only got an edge to make smart decisions in buying fashion and food but it also has helped a lot of people in buying financial services also. Insurance policy falls under the top category among all financial services products which is now being largely sold online. Buying online insurance not only help you get the best price to cover risk but you also get  overloaded with lot of effective information which can empower your decisions in the best possible way.

Tax Saving Plans are a must in today’s time. Here’s Our Guide on finding the Best Saving Plans


Tax planning is an important element and is as important as tax saving.

One needs to manage their portfolio well in order to reap maximum possible tax benefits from their investments.

Read more to understand what kind of investments shall help you reap maximum tax benefits.

Types of Investments for tax-saving

There are a number of tax-saving plans available out of which a few are mentioned below:

1.      Life Insurance

2.      Health Insurance

3.      National Pension Scheme

What Is The Best Life Insurance Plan For Me?

There are more insurance options now than ever. Whole life policies. Term life policies. From companies you've heard of your entire life...and companies you've never heard of. Some have an office down the street. Some are on the Internet. Others use the telephone as their primary tool to communicate the supposed advantages of the coverage they offer. How do you weed through all the clutter? How do you find the single best policy that fits your budget and gives your family the coverage they need if they die and your income disappears?

Planning for the retiring days of your life…

Retirement planning is one of the vital parts of your finances. Most people who plan for their retirement often ponder over questions like how much do I need to save for retirement? Where should I invest my money? How can I get the best retirement plan? These are some common questions in the minds of an investor regarding retirement. In earlier days, people pushed their retirement plans to middle age, however, now due to early retirement, better life expectancy, and inflation; people are taking retirement more seriously and work towards a retirement plan.


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