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Should you opt for Bank Fixed Deposit or Company Fixed Deposit


There are a lot of investment options available in India, right from real estate investments to mutual fund investments to term deposit investments. But not all investment options can be considered as a safe instrument for investment. Investing in real estate or mutual funds can be risky as the returns that you will earn are dependent on the market conditions, whereas, investing in term deposits are not risky as the returns are not dependent on the market conditions.

Five reasons why commercial projects in Mumbai are a good investment

Property is the best investment and that’s a truth that no one can deny. For ages our ancestors have been using property as a collateral for loans. When we say property what comes to mind first and foremost is resident property. But we’re here to talk about commercial property or commercial office spaces. In the last four to five years, construction of commercial projects in Mumbai has been on a standstill. However, due to the boom in businesses the demand for commercial office spaces is ever increasing.

10 things that define luxury apartments in India

When you live in a country that is as crowded as ours’ with roads that have potholes and streets that are lined with slums, luxury is something that needs to be defined.  We live in a city where there isn’t even enough space for us in the public transport. But that in no way means that there is no demand for luxury in India. As per a survey by a reputed publication, there are 101 billionaires and 2.36 lakh millionaires in the country. So what spells luxury for all the billionaires and millionaires of the country?

Avoid Your Novice Attitude and Start Stock Cash Trading with Expert's Advice

If traders really want to earn only maximum return on their investments, then there is no need to just depend on the bull market because this can be possible with bearish market trend.

This is the biggest advantage that the stock market has where the right ****ysis works whether the market is moving up or down. But the fact regarding trading always remains same that trading requires both skill-set and disciplined approach.

How to earn Rs 2000 in share market on daily basis?

Here are the strategy and technique will provide Rs 2000 profit to traders and investors on daily basis. Newbies to share market should understand the markets and learn paper trading practice before moving to actual trading because day trading is very risky for beginners.

How much profit the trader can make in a month?

If traders follow a simple strategy called Do multiple trades and take small profit which is explained in following subsection then trader can easily earn Rs 2000 To Rs 3000 per day.

Earn Money From Safe Investment Online Trading

Many leading countries in Europe. In the past few years, Singapore has become one of the world's most prosperous countries.

Market Opportunity

SGX Premium Super Profit Calls Slightly more than 3.5 times the size of SGX market, Singapore has a population of 4,657,542 (CIA WorldFactbook). With a highly developed and winning market, it has a per capita GDP equal to that of many leading countries in Europe. In the past few years, Singapore has become one of the world's most prosperous countries.

5 Common Misconceptions about Stock Market

Many investors wonder whether investing in stock market is right or not. It is important to clear all the concepts and keep a realistic view of the indian stock market.


Stock tips provided by companies also clarify few myths about the stock market, but still few common myths about market often arise in investors mind, following are the 5 most common myths about the stock market.


Don't have a financial advisor? Here are the main reasons why you need an advisor

Trading is not that much easy for everyone, you need to be alert each time when you are investing your money in share market, you have to take daily follow-ups and updates of the market in order to get familiar with the share market as well as to know about the situation of market especially about your segment.

Money management is a task that everyone can't do with full of expertise and confidence, it needs a high level of knowledge, intelligence and smartness to handle critical situations.


Brief introduction about stock futures trading

A futures contract is an agreement between two parties, where a contract is made for buying and selling stocks, it includes all details like a number of shares, the name of parties, the price of shares, Specific time and date also.This is a contract made for future, it displays at the time of transaction actually take place.Futures contracts include stock futures, commodities, indices and so on.


What are stock futures:

How to trade in Stock Cash?

Stock is the capital raised buy a company by issuing shares and entitling holder for ownership interest, the buyer of that share owns a controlling share of company's stock.

Common Stock- Common Stocks are equity ownership, a type of security.

Preferred Stock- Preferred Stocks also known as Preferred Shares or Preference Shares are special equity security and has higher ranking than common stock.

Stock trader is generally a professional and intends to earn profit from short-term price volatility.

How to Invest in a Company

How to invest in a company is one of the most basic investment skills to master for those with funds under their management. Perhaps the easiest way for publically traded companies is to purchase their stock via the stock market where they are listed. For this, you will need to open up and fund a stock brokerage account with a Online Share Broking company that handles transactions on the public exchange where the stock is listed.   

Mutual Fund Investment - The Commandments for Becoming Prosperous!

Investments are a really strange phenomenon. While human beings spend their entire thought process in seriously deciding what step to take when in life, it is only while investing money in mutual funds that they falter and fail terribly. It is nothing new to come across people who have lost money in investment schemes and scams. Why is it that a lot of people become complacent and don't do the necessary while choosing a mutual fund investment to invest in? Before Investing Mutual Fund, get assistance from Mutual Fund Advisor Mr. MK Prabhagharan.  

Unbelievable Tricks of Share Market to Recover Your Loss

Summary: Share markets are extremely tense in nature. This volatility can develop money quickly but can also result in loss of money with the same momentum. Whenever one trader gains another one will loss money.

You can have losses depending on 2 criteria. Firstly, you are beginner & don't know key of stock investmentsSecondly, you have selected the wrong type of stock depending on someone's tip or heard mentality.

Best way to generate income in Stock Option Trading

If you are new to Stock Option Trading and want to know “How to Trade in Stock Option”, then you can find your queries related to option in the following content presented by ProfitAim Research.

About Stock Option

Stock Option is an agreement between buyer and seller. Gives the RIGHT to the BUYERS and the OBLIGATIONS to the SELLER to buy or sell the stocks, at a later date, at a certain place.

Real Reason To Appeal Future Trading

Real Reason To Appeal Future Trading

Those people who are never aware about the real meaning of future trading, they thought that, it involves extraordinary financial risk and wealthy people. Basically, it refers to a standard trade of buying and selling of goods in a standard quality at a certain time in the future. It will determine the future price of your trading. The futures are agreements to deliver a particular amount of commodity on a certain specified date in the future.

Stock Trading Market Strategy Updates

A  general question comes in every investors mind – firstly, which stock to buy now, because there are thousands of stocks available in the stock market.

There are thousands of stocks available in the stock market.  Now you have decided first, which is the stock could be profitable you, because investment in the share market,  is just like a game between of winning and losing.


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